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GCB is responsible for the development and promotion of business tourism in Gdansk and the Region. We have been active since 2002, operating as part of the Gdansk Tourism Organization. We have more than 170 members. Our team is made up of specialists with experience in organizing large-scale events and conferences. This experience is what helped us to develop Treevent – a state-of-the-art platform for organizing all types of events in Gdansk.

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1Polish Congress
Ambassadors Program

The program serves to promote Poland as a place to organize international congresses and conferences. To date, over 220 people have received the title of Congress Ambassador, and a group of outstanding personalities from the Polish world of economics and culture has participated in the works of the chapter. 

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support program

Gdansk Convention Bureau offers a wide range of support both in the process of acquiring events and in cooperation with the organizers of already confirmed meetings and business events. Depending on the scale of the event, substantive, logistic, operational and financial support is possible. All support is subject to budget availability. Each application is assessed on its own individual merits and there is no guarantee Gdansk Convention Bureau will be able to offer financial support.


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3 Platform for organising
and managing events

Need a comprehensive solution for your event? Use the Gdansk Conference System – a state-of-the-art platform for organising conferences and congresses in Gdansk. A professional event page, online registration, constant contact with participants during the event via a mobile application – those are only some of the features available!
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4Personalized Gdansk
Tourist Card

Provide the participants of your event with an offer of free time using the Tourist Card! Choose one of the available packages, or create one yourself! You can choose from free entry, public transport ticket and even Fast Track & Executive Lounge services at the Gdańsk Airport! All this with graphics related to your event!

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Sustainable Gdansk

As an event organizer, you have the power to create a positive impact on the environment and the community. By implementing these tips and tools, you can make your event more sustainable and contribute to a better future for all.


There is a reason why Gdansk is visited by over 3 million guests every year, including 1 million from abroad. Our guests come to Gdansk primarily to relax (59%), visit their friends or family (28%), learn about the history and culture of the city by visiting the most important attractions (22%), or on business matters to participate in one of the numerous conferences or trade fairs (20%).

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